Sela Pass Means the Pass


Author - Pranjyoti Aditya

Sela Pass is situated at the National Highway 13 which connects Tawang,Arunachal Pradesh with the rest of India. The area is covered mainly with snow all over the period of year as it situated at an height of 13,700 ft and is also the most high altitude peak and mountain pass that lets us to Tawang and west kameng districts. Many lakes can be found nearby that area and one such area is Sela Lake which is also told to be sacred in Tibetan Buddhism. The nearby village to Sela pass is Zomdong Village and Sela pass is also the most preferable way  for the motorbikes. Sela Lake is often found frozen during the winter season and the temperature can go down to - 10 degree Celsius. The nearest town to Sela Pass is Tawang and one can visit it by landing at Guwahati Airport and hiring a vehichle from Guwahati,Assam. Many yaks can be found near the Lake and the sorrounding village. The pass has a significant history as during the Sino - Indian war in 1962 the Chinese army infiltrated onto the south of the ridge through which Indian positions was withdrawn. An Indian brave soldier Jaswant Singh Rawat protected the area through the pass and stopped Chinese army for 72 hours alone . Later he was awarded Maha Vir Chakra posthumously for his braveriness  and dedication to his country. Arunachal pradesh is one of the most stunning and beautiful places which stays at the heart forever.